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Our Expertise

Our staff has top of the line education and certifications in the industry. Having a staff with REAL qualifications gives you confidence and reliability in our services!

Our Passion

Our passion for this industry and to serve our members is second to none. We want to inspire our members to achieve their goals!!!

Our Promise

We promise to always provide the BEST customer service anywhere!! We also promise to help you get the results you deserve!

Better People

We have the best staff in the industry! Integrity oriented, educated and most importantly customer service oriented! And when it comes to our members, Dynamic Health and Fitness is filled with people just like you, READY to make a change!

Better Programs

From our state of the art Fitness Assessments to our Group Fitness Classes, Dynamic Xtreme Classes, Athletic Development Programs, Little Lifters and beyond! We have the best, most innovative and most structured programs around!

Better Facilities

We offer the most state of the art equipment for our members' enjoyment! With no maintenance issues, innovative and stunning would describe our facilities the best!

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