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In Club Television Ads

If you are a local business owner or organization, Dynamic Health and Fitness can help get your word out to thousands of people within our local communities.

We have advertising media televisions set up to give your company or business the marketing edge it needs to boost sales and customers. Your ad will be played 24/7 in order to gain maximum exposure for your products or services. Advertising available at any of our Dynamic locations

  1. Longs Pond Rd: 24/7 location with growing membership base. Your ad will be served nonstop.
  2. Charter Oak Ct: Don't pass on the opportunity to advertise at our newest 23,000sf facility.
  3. Moncks Corner: Extended Hour Location with a solid Member base that's constantly growing.

Social Media Promotions

As the use of digital continues to grow, there is no better time to increase your company’s exposure by getting active on social media. Is your business using Social Media?

  1. Dynamic will Tag, Share or Post about your Business from any of our social media platforms.
  2. You can gain maximum exposure with our large social media base (as pictured).
  3. We can schedule your post to be shown at any time day or night.

Our Website

Our Website alone experiences over 5K visitors per month just from local search engines, member referrals and social media tags and recommendations. And now with the recent launch of our Trainers Corner segment, we're expecting to more than double those views. Advertising on the Dynamic Health Club website ensures that you will:

  1. Receive High-Quality Traffic directly to your business
  2. Be seen 24/7 for the Length of your Ad Term
  3. Gain Targeted Local Customers from Both Dynamic Health Club Locations
  4. Your Ad Will Be Featured on our Trainers Corner Here
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