What is Corporate Wellness?

Our Corporate Wellness Program aims to improve your employees' physical health as well as promote healthy behaviors. This will enhance their management capabilities, increase their mental performance at work, strengthen their relationships within the organization, as well as save you money on healthcare expenses. Leaving you with a healthier company, higher morale, and an increased bottom line.

What do we offer?

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Corporate Wellness Powerpoint

Check out our powerpoint for more information on how Corporate Wellness can benefit you!

Corporate Wellness Package.

Here you will find everything from information about corporate wellness, our membership packages, and our sign-up form!


Few ways that your company can participate in an effective Corporate Wellness plan

You could cover the entire membership amount, subsidize a lower amount, or you can take credit for simply offering your employees a membership at a low rate. At Dynamic Health & Fitness you can even offer to subsidize memberships ONLY if they are using the club. We can provide you monthly, quarterly or annual attendance records!

Dynamic Health & Fitness is the only club who takes all the risk out of your investment by tracking your staff’s usage.

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