Corporate Wellness Plan

Reward your employees with a Dynamic Health & Fitness membership.
Reduce absenteeism and turnover — improve your bottom line. 

Corporate Wellness - Dynamic Health & Fitness

Studies clearly show that a fit employee is a more productive one. They have more energy, more stamina, is sick less, and will think and react more clearly than a non-fit employee.

If you could increase the level of fitness and health, both physical and mental, amongst your employees, you would end up with a healthier company, a higher morale, and an increased bottom line.

Many, many companies are subsidizing health club memberships for their staff because they’ve seen the positive results.

There are a few ways that your company can participate in an effective Corporate Wellness plan.  You could cover the entire membership amount, subsidize a lower amount, or you can take credit for simply offering your employees a membership at a low rate.  At Dynamic Health & Fitness you can even offer to subsidize memberships ONLY if they are using the club.  We can provide you monthly, quarterly or annual attendance records!

Dynamic Health & Fitness is the only club who takes all the risk out of your investment by tracking your staff’s usage.

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