Intimidated by the Weights Area? Fitness Gym in West Columbia Shares Their Tips for Braving the Weight Room

It’s a scientifically proven fact that to get the best results from working out at a fitness gym,  weight training, along with cardio, is essential for progress. Lifting weights offers a number of benefits, including improved muscle tone and strength, and can keep conditions, such as osteoporosis, at bay. 

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But if you’ve ever felt intimidated by the free weights section in the gym, you’re not alone. Leading fitness gym, Dynamic Health & Fitness in West Columbia share their top tips on getting familiarized with the area quickly so that you can use it with confidence. Don’t forget that everyone has to start somewhere, so everyone who uses weights was in your place at one stage.

To get comfortable with using weights at a fitness club:

1. Plan Ahead Before Heading Into Your Fitness Gym Weights Area

Do some research online before heading into the weights area. This will help you feel familiar with the different machines and the correct way to use them before your workout. Find a few simple exercises that you can try and watch a YouTube tutorial. This will ensure that you know at least how a few of the machines work before you even enter the gym.

2. Take a Look Around On Other Gym Goers

When you’ve settled in and found one or two machines that you’re comfortable using, use the time to look around. Identify a couple of other machines or exercises that you feel you could do and have a look at how regular gym-goers are making use of the space.

3. Play Your Tunes Going To The Gym

A playlist full of energizing music is one of the quickest ways to get you excited about your workout. Try playing them in the car on your way over to the gym to get psyched and drown out your doubts and insecurities. Music is a powerful source of motivation and inspiration and will contribute to improved performance. 

4. Ask for Help From Fitness Trainer of the Gym

If you feel like you’re completely out of your depth, even with the benefit of prior research, ask for help. Seek advice from gym staff or open up a conversation with a personal trainer. They’re likely to be eager to help you get started and, when you’re ready to take your training up a level, they’ll be there to offer expert training and assistance.

5. Take Your Gym Buddy

A training partner who doubles as an accountability partner can help get you to the gym and encourage you to work out in the weights section. It’s much easier to overcome fear if you’ve got someone right there rooting for you. They might also be able to offer valuable advice and input.

6. Find the Right Time to Go to the Gym and into the Weights Room

If you don’t have a training partner or the budget for a personal trainer, you can improve your chances of having a good weights session by visiting the gym during off-peak times. This will mean that there are fewer people watching if you make mistakes, and you can go at your own pace without feeling pressure to perform.

gym in west columbia
Dynamic Health & Fitness in West Columbia is an exciting fitness club that offers everything its members need for a successful fitness journey. From the moment you set foot in the gym, you’ll be welcomed and made to feel at home. Prospective members are encouraged to sign up for a free VIP pass to experience everything that the gym has to offer for themselves. And the gym has a range of programs in place to help their members get settled and work out effectively from the get-go, including personal trainer services, group classes and more.
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